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Managing change

Looks like we’re going through another period of adaptation as things slowly begin to open up and we’re all wondering what the future will hold. This is especially challenging for the social sector after having suffered tremendous revenue losses, staff cuts, and increased demand for help during the pandemic. Everyone is exhausted but there’s still so much more to do.

I hope this month’s blog on social media will help give you the confidence to manage the change that is happening in communications around the world. By now I’m sure most of you have realized that social media is not as easy as it looks, so we wanted to provide a few insights to help you along.

I also hope you’ll have time this summer to rest and recharge your batteries. Self-care is not always a natural instinct for those working in a field that focuses on caring for others. Taking some time for yourself is essential for our sustainability in the long run.

In closing, before we take a short break for the summer and resume our newsletter in September, I want to thank our incredible team for their energy and love over the past 16 months. We were able to get together last week for a fun team picnic (in person!) and it was so much fun (see photo 👆).

We’ll have some new team members joining us over the summer and I look forward to introducing them soon.

Until then, take care and enjoy the summer months and don’t be shy to reach out if you need anything. We’re always here for you.

Why are these social media tools a unique opportunity for nonprofits?

The global shift towards social media as a source of information, entertainment, and communication means that not-for-profit organizations must be ready to follow suit, embrace the paradigm shift, and maximize this medium to engage in multifaceted ways with their community of supporters. Being successful at scaffolding this emerging platform means choosing the right tools for the job. Let's talk shop! Read more >
Welcome to the team

Katherine Mac Donald
Fundraising & Communications

Katherine has two main passions in life: communications and empowering others to reach their goals. With over a decade of work in the philanthropic sector, she has touched on everything from animal adoption, fundraising, event planning, being a spokesperson, to being the head of communications for a national philanthropy research network. MORE>

Tamara Chanoine
Communications & Marketing

A bilingual marketing professional who has spent the last 15 years successfully managing brands and projects of various scope. With extensive experience on national and global brands across various industries such as automotive and retail, as well as government, non-profit organizations and agencies. MORE>

Where we’ve been

Taking a look in the mirror - Phil’s team participated in a Belbin assessment to uncover the different roles we play within the company. The Wellness & Mental Health committee at Phil spearheaded the initiative with the idea that knowing ourselves better means accepting and valuing each other's differences better. We discovered how our unique skill set contributed to the greater good of our organization.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits #BetterTogether Speaker Series Live Event - Alaina, Phil's Content Strategist, attended this discussion about shaping nonprofit marketing, fundraising, and communications strategies for a post-pandemic world. Audience segmentation strategies based on detailed CRM data were highly emphasized as an important investment for organizations to make. The shift towards more intimate hybrid fundraising events along with offering more access to behind the scenes of an organization was discussed as a new way to thank smaller donors and widen the community of support for nonprofits.
New clients 
Welcome back! 

We are happy to have the following clients back for new mandates 😊 

  • Black Theatre Workshop 
  • La CLÉS 
  • Geordie Theatre 
  • Grande Porte 
  • Missing Children’s Network
  • Myeloma Canada 
  • Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation
We’re open all summer! Don’t be shy to reach out if you have projects in mind!!